Heavy Industrial (M2) Zoning Permitted Uses:

(a) an auction establishment; 

(b) an assembly hall; 

(c) an automotive supply store; 

(d) an automotive use; 

(e) a builder’s yard/building or contracting establishment;

(f) a bulk sales establishment; 

(g) a car wash; 

(h) a chemical plant; 

(i) a commercial storage unit; 

(j) a contractor’s yard; 

(k) a dry cleaning and laundry plant; 

(l) an electrical and electronics products industry; 

(m) a factory outlet; 

(n) a feed or flour mill; 

(o) a food processing plant; 

(p) a fuel storage tank; 

(q) a fuel storage depot/supply yard; 

(r) a general manufacturing; 

(s) a general office; 

(t) a grain elevator; 

(u) an industrial mall; 

(v) a laboratory; 

(w) a lumber mill yard; 

(x) a manufacturing and assembly industry; 

(y) a merchandise service shop; 

(z) open storage;  

(aa) a parking lot; 

(bb) a pharmaceutical and medical products industry; 

(cc) a printing establishment; 

(dd) a printing, reproduction and data processing industry; 

(ee) a processed goods industry;

(ff) a professional or business office; 

(gg) a propane transfer facility; 

(hh) a public use; 

(ii) a repair shop, auto body and motor vehicle; 

(jj) a research and development establishment; 

(kk) a retail lumber and building supply yard; 

(ll) a retail store or factory outlet accessory to an industrial use on the same lot to a maximum of 25% of the gross floor area of the building;

(mm) a service and repair and establishment; 

(nn) a service shop; 

(oo) a small repair and rental establishment; 

(pp) a transport terminal; 

(qq) a veterinarian’s clinic; 

(rr) a warehouse; 

(ss) a wholesale establishment.


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